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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Where would we be?

Right in the middle of all this political hullabaloo I have a rather serious question.
What kind of world would this be without Mustard?


GreenJello said...

No! That is too scary to contemplate. :::whimper:::

david mcmahon said...

Life just wouldn't have the same flavour!

HogHead said...

Wow, it would be a world without corndogs....., hotdogs....., its just, I can not, I have to go......

Aunt Jo said...

very ketchupy

lesliereid said...

um, less stained? or maybe that's just my own world. the one where kids only wipe their hands and faces on their clothes because it's so much more convenient.

Uncle Joe said...

greenjello. welcome!
david, yes flavour with a U.

hoghead. amen bro!
aj, yes. the tomatoey alternative.

lr, mustard stains are yummy.

Anonymous said...

It would be a cold, cold place for my chauvinistic JP who thinks the world revolves around Dijon.

Merisi said...

The didn't change the name to "Freedom Mustard"?

I would want to live in a world without mustard of any kind, even less in one without freedom to choose my kind of mustard! :-)

Congratulations on winning David's award!

jennifer said...

May I say that Aunt Jo is a brilliant woman? Her words are as profound as your post.

Please don't get me started on the LACK of Bama Mayonaise nationwide. A travesty I tell you.

You know? When lsu and auburn played, we watched with snarled lips. Because we DO NOT like Les Miles either (his language... his attitude) vs. Tubby? Ugh!! Double Ugh!! And UGH, an ACK, and an ICK!

Can you tell how I feel about these two coaches?

The classiest Coach in the SEC is Mark Richt. LOVE those Georgia Bulldogs, and Alabama plays them next week. I am a Bama Fan first and foremost!!

Hope you have a great day!

Anne said...

Dull, dusty, very boring. Think of the variety, too! Dijon, yellow, brown, dill, champagne ... I love mustard.

Saur♥Kraut said...

But what KIND of mustard? I have recently encountered some really weird ones at our local German deli, including Curry Catsup.

My fave has horseradish in it.

Bee Repartee said...

No mustard, no potato salad? No deviled eggs? I'm getting clammy just thinking about it.

Jamie Dawn said...

You're such a hot dog!
All this hot dogging going on here.
Mustard is indeed one of life's staples.
Pass the relish, please.

The Doozie said...

Well, no one has explained it very well, but here is what would happen:

People would ask for mustard, and they would be declined. Those people would then become frantic, running through the streets in search of mustard, becoming violent in order to obtain it. If they failed to find the mustard, they would turn to a life of crime, and eventually begin a huge organization that distributed mustard thru the underground railroad, because heck, that railroad shouldn't go to waste, it's been just sitting there.