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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


It's no secret I'm totally ensconsed in the possibility of a McCain/Palin Presidency. I'm emotionally invested in the possibility.
I've never been emotionally invested in any Presidential race before.
I don't expect everyone to think like me.
I fact I hope everybody doesn't think like me.
In my younger days I sometimes voted Independent. Not for any reason in particular, other than just not to be like everybody else.

I've thought about this quite a bit over the last few months.
I'm a fighter. I'll fight for you if you need me to. Give me the facts and show me just cause and I'll go to bat for you.
Don't back me into a corner because you might not like me if you try.
The gray areas suddenly become crystal clear.
My un-opinionated personality suddenly becomes convinced of the fact that I will win at any cost. You might even think me crazy, but whatever it takes is whatever it takes.
I like the word 'Fight'. I want our Country to like the word 'Fight'.
I don't expect us to win all our battles but I don't expect us to go down without one.
So when John McCain ended his speech saying, "Fight with ME!!!", he was speaking my language.
I'll go up fighting or I'll go down fighting. Makes no difference to me.

After all, fighting is what got us to the top.


ancient one said...

me too... fight to the finish!

lesliereid said...

excellent! if i need you to fight for me, how much advance notice do you need?

also, do i pay per minute, per punch, or how, exactly?

Aunt Jo said...

I am so proud........:o)

I want a McCain sign for our yard pronto!

Uncle Joe said...

I need about two seconds notice.
since I've known you since 1968 there's no charge for you.

yes. we'll get a couple or 9 of them.

ancient one, you are wise!

Jamie Dawn said...

And in this corner... Uncle Joe!!!

Fight on, Batman!!!!