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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Borrowed Pics from AJ

This is my fat self stuck in a Ping Pong Karate Pose.

This is actually part of a Ping Pong Kata I introduced to the Western World decades ago at Falls Creek Church Camp.

My paddle, swung at the right angle can chop coconuts in half.
Even with my extra poundage I am still quite the sight.

Don't you agree?
Also in the photo are Leslie Reid and Michelle Harshaw. Leslie is obviously as entranced by my skills as Michelle is not. Entranced.

I think the photographer (AJ) was quite spellbound also.

Here is a rare pic of the Joe sisters caught in a random act of kindness in OKC.
Cassi has been saying she would like to help and old lady cross the street.
Please don't tell her sister she said that.


Aunt Jo said...

UJ I saved some pics for you. I'll help you get some tonight. :o)

Yes you do have a nice pingpong stance.

I wonder if your daughter will hone her pingpong skills when she goes to Falls Creek next week??

doozie said...

when I play pingpong people die. When someone writes up their obituary, it says "so and so died after a courageous battle with ping pong"

Uncle Joe said...

somehow I believe you.
yes I do.
I know it's true.

Jamie Dawn said...

Oh man!! How did AJ ever capture your lightning speed like that?
I am entranced.

lesliereid said...

It's time to borrow some more pics from AJ!

Entranced (If You Say So)

ancient one said...

You are sooooo funny!

I have an award for you at:

come see..

Anne said...

Please Master can you teach me that pose?

jennifer said...

Master this is Grasshopper.... please show me the way of the Ping Pong Arts.

I stink out loud. Can't even play with a paddle ball.