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Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Best Day of My Life.

A couple of weeks before school was finished for the year Cassi's school gave the kids a half day to play games and generally run wild at the high schools football field.

Parents and grandparents were invited to bring lawn chairs and just hang out with all the kids.

At one point we walked over to the concession stand and I bought her some Gatorade and we sat down in the shade next to a pillar by the concession stand.

It's always fun watching these kids play in their natural habitat, sort of like what it must feel like to actually be driving a jeep on a site seeing trip through Africa.

After Cassi and I had leaned back and taken a breath and a cold drink of Gatorade a little girl with a red Gatorade mustache from Cassi's class came and joined us in the shade.

We were all just enjoying the moment when a few minutes later the little girl let out a huge sigh, took a drink of cold Gatorade, leaned back and sighed again and said, "This is the BEST day of MY LIFE!"

At that very moment I had to agree with her.

Yes it was.


Seeker said...

You had it made in the shade with pink gatorade.

Sandi McBride said...

And how wonderful that Cassie and her classmates still have many "best days of their life" ahead of them.

Aunt Jo said...'s always the simple things in life that are best.

Jamie Dawn said...

That is just so cute!
Kids just enjoy the moment, and we adults should do that more often.
I've tried to tell my kids to do that more. Even on days when life seems dull and uneventful, take a moment to drink in the beauty of the here and now...
My kids think I'm a lunatic.
As Courtney said, "I'm gonna make millions off of you by writing a movie script based on you."
Am I THAT strange???!!
What a great day that was for you, Cassi, and her little schoolmate.

Groovy Mom said...

Aw, how sweet! I love moments that hit you like that.

R said...

That is too cute

Jenn said...

A moment forever recorded on your blog.

david mcmahon said...

Love it.

There's nothing more artistic than a red Gatorade moustache!

Anne said...

I love it when my kids say "this is the best day EVER!"

Aunt Jo said...

Don't you wish you could freeze that picture in your brain. Oh wait you can. :o)

CrazyCath said...

Wonderful! Sometimes a child can just verbalise that feeling. Glad you still have the day in your head.

Over from David's. Congrats on POTD.

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Oh that is so sweet....I've been away too long, so nice to get caught up with your talented writing. My computer was dead for a number of weeks so I had to make do with being online here and feels good to catch up on the round of blogs again at my leisure...