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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Going, going.................

I don't even have one of these babies in my wallet.

Could someone send me a fiver so I can drive 17 miles in my big truck?


Jenn said...

I would but I'm about to exchange it all for Yen.

Aunt Jo said...

What will you give me for it?? hmmmm???? ;o)

Jamie Dawn said...

Our gas per gallon is hovering in the $3.20s, and my parents are paying fifty cents more for their gas in CA.
I like McCain's idea of getting rid of the federal gas tax over the summer. It would sure help all us common folks out, but the poor government would have to give up some of the precious money we're forced to give them.
I love the video link you sent about the turtle man in Kentucky. What a riot that is!!! Taylor and I had a good time watching it. That feller is crazy, and that whooping call he does would drive me batty.
I'm going to email a link to AJ's email of this guy whom I think is amazing. His name is Nick.

david mcmahon said...

G'day from Australia - where we're paying $1.50 (and upwards) PER LITRE.

Must be April Fuels Day, hey!!