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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Duh. A note to ME.

Most of you know of the challenges I've/we've faced in the past few years.
Heart, physical and mental health, monetary etc.
I've tried to pay closer attention to issues that affect the family that also have a direct connection to the nation as a whole.
Doesn't it make sense that decisions I make on a personal level will, in the end, have an effect on the nation?
Yeah, I'm a pretty big deal. A legend in my spare time.
Somedays I'm in a pretty dense fog but somedays I'm wide awake.

Seriously, if I choose to rack up 5 credit cards to the tune of (let's think small for this example) $10,000 each and there are 6 million people just like me in the U.S. than I have played a huge part in the financial well being of this country.
If I choose to ignore bills until they are turned over to collections or have 'past due' amounts attached to them then I am not a good manager of what God has given me.
I've noticed something lately which most of you surely already know.
If I decide to cook with fresh ingredients at home 95% of the time, there will be a negative effect on the cost of running this household.
The water and heating or electric will go up substantially.
Fresh foods require serious time management to ensure against loss.
The loss can be substantial because 'fresh' these days means $$$$$.
There is actually LESS trash for the garbageman to pick up because there are less processed foods in our freezer or pantry. But the garbage bill is still there. The electricity is paying for the cooling of the fresh not frozen items. The freezer cost is still there. The water bill goes up drastically because the diswasher must run sometimes twice a day.
I don't really have the energy to wash everything by hand.
The gas bill goes up because fresh cooking requires more gas.

I'm working harder but is it really cost efficient? Here is probably where, just as in politics you will have two points of view.
One is hang the cost, you are eating better.
Two is we must save MONEY. It's all about the MONEY.
There may be a 3,4, and 5.
I accidentally leave the gas on for two hours after the meal I am wasting our hard earned money.
If I let the faucet leak for three months then I am wasting our hard earned money. My inaction is not cost effective.

If I make a mistake on my checkbook (everybody has, I'm not pointing fingers!) and have to pay for bank overdrafts then I have lost part of the daily battle and the bank has gotten 'free' money just because I didn't take the time to add/subtract correctly.
If I am making these seemingly small mistakes then our government is making WHOPPERS.
Running a great household evidently means I MUST pay extreme attention to every little detail.
Running a great country should mean US setting an example for them (Washington) to follow.
If they don't follow it we should all converge on Washington and politely convince them exactly who is in charge here.

How can we convince folks who just don't care anymore to start caring and be responsible for themselves and STOP pointing fingers at everybody else for the State of the Union?
I don't know unless we do the march mention above. Somebody please tell me.

This could go on and on but my point to ME is this.
I am responsible to run my household according to values that will make my household prosper.

The government should be required to do the same.
What's going on and has been for years in Washington is in effect OUR fault for letting it happen.
If we make the change here at home then I predict in some insane way that in 20 years or less this will once again be a great country.

Am I a Democrat or Republican, or just a GREAT AMERICAN?

I'm just Uncle Joe and Uncle Joe Wants YOU!!!!!!!!!!


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Balancing the books is a tough job...! The Government balancing OUR books is an even tougher job...!
The country is in HUGE HUGE Debt now.....Under Ckinton we had a magnificent surplus....! What happened to that??? Well, we all know exactly what happened to that and what has happened to all the other losses we have had.
You are probably correct in that we need to get our own individual houses in order and then MAYBE we can get our Governments house in order, too....
Isn't it unsettling that The Clintons don;t want us to see their Tax Returns? What might THEY be hiding??
It's all overwhelming---I'm going back to bed!

I didn't realize you were Batman, my dear Uncle Joe....WOW! So it was YOU I saw on Sunday from the car window while acting like a tourist...! You looked great, I must say.

Aunt Jo said...

Cook me some dinner.

R said...


I have nothing to say to this. I can't argue politics.

But you did a good job!

Anne said...

When the politicians starting earning a paycheck it all went down hill. I have A LOT to say but I will keep it to myself.