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Sunday, February 17, 2008

In case YOU ever wondered....(.again)

In case you ever wondered:
If you didn't sleep so great and you weren't sure if you were ever asleep or maybe in suspended animation or a light coma and you woke up to a quiet house and you considered the Rapture had come and gone and left you and you stumbled to the sink to wash your eyes with warm not cold water cause it's winter outside and the cold water will make you time travel into next week and you look down while the water is warming up and you notice somebody has left gobs of toothpaste splattered all over the sink so you absentmindedly clean the toothpaste off with your fingers while the water is still warming up and then when the water is warm you collect in your palm warm water and then rub the warm water into your eyes;


(brought to you by Mint Flavored Crest)


Aunt Jo said...

Wow. I am impressed you touched someone elses glob of toothpaste.

C'mere and let me sniff your eyes.

Anne said...

Okay... so we know what goes on at your house.

Anonymous said...

I got 11/13 on the guitarist quiz--full shred baby!


Uncle Joe said...

Anne, but that's only the first 30 seconds of the day!!!!????&&&$@%

Emma Sometimes said...

dude. I've used cooled used tea bags on my eyes when I got pink eye. Word from the much wiser... do not use minty tea when you do this. I don't think toothpaste will work either. I'm just saying...

Why aren't you asleep yet?

R said...

That's pretty darn funny

R said...

I tried to email you, but something is not working---probably on my end. And---I got your email through YouTube, but I was in the middle of reading it and something happened and I couldn't finish and had to get up. Next thing you know, I come down here to finish reading it and it has been deleted. My hubby deletes things he thinks I have responded to or read.

So---I have no idea what you wrote except that maybe it had to do with coffee and then I of course have been so out of it this week---lots of garbage going on.


I am at wessexcathedral at gmail dot com.

Lucy Stern said...

I think the moral of the story here is: Don't put toothpaste in your eyes, it burns! Correct?

Jamie Dawn said...

I bet your eyeballs will never ever get cavities.

Or gingivitis.

Or halitosis.

Jamie Dawn said...

Love your youthful, new icon.

I have a new one too. A pic Courtney took of me.
What fun to have a photographer around!