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Saturday, June 10, 2006


Your very own Uncle Joe has discovered that he has a green thumb.
Even after planting a month behind normal gardeners my little 10' by 5' plot of ground is thriving. If my dad is impressed with it then you would be too.

I seem to be moving in phases at this time of my life.
I have learned to:
1) make bread and pizza from scratch.
2) make a pie from scratch using my Aunt Dolores' family favorite recipe.
3) still learning how to cook, using recipes and my imagination.
4) canned homemade salsa, pepper jelly
5) blog
6) hide spam in muffins
7)plant a garden. ( At the new house I plan to have a small greenhouse of sorts)
8)paint my porch very creatively.
9)scavenger hunt in salvage yards. There's some really cool old cars sitting on large acreages that some people consider eyesores. Take a ride thru one sometime and take a trip back in time.
10)Attempt to teach all my girls piano. A very cool head is required in this area.
11) Attended a Ballroom Dancing class with my honey.
12) I'm telling on myself here but I have also enjoyed a glass or two of wine with my honey. Life is too short and wine is too good, in moderation.
13) We have changed churches and are facing some rather difficut changes but also opportunites at our new place of worship.
14) We are changing hometowns and our summer will be a busy one working on two houses, buying one and selling one.
15) I have had the opportunity to play with good friends and musicians over the last few months. Last night we played at a Relay for Life/Cancer benefit at the local stadium/running track. We finished our set at midnight. Some of the folks there walked all night long to make money for cancer research.

Heart update: My last echocardiogram showed no change in my ejection fraction which is a good but not great thing. I would have preferred an improvement in the percentage but the alternative to a higher percentage would be a lower percentage of my heart functioning.
So, in effect, even though I've gained a stupid amount of weight my heart has not suffered for it.

I am watching my kids again while AJ works. She deserves much praise for her tremendous workload and then coming home and putting up with us.

Even with my health problems my life is a blessed one. Everything's going to be alright cause we're going to be with Jesus at the end of this road and the devil has already lost the war. Jesus can be with you now if you'll let HIM.

Don't put your faith in people because people will always let you down. Don't look up to me, because I will let you down. The bible says to Raise your soul to NO man.

Raise your soul to Jesus, he won't let you down.

Unca Joe overandout.


Anonymous said...
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Aunt Jo said...

Be gone you Spammer!!

1. Bread YUM Pizza double YUM (the salt free pizza sauce was superb too!)

2. Pie crust....i am jealous.

3. Anything I don't have to cook is wonderful *even better if I don't have to clean it up!

4. Jelly was easier than I thought....I held the jars.

5. Bloggin...yea we know.

6. I am still having nightmares about those freaky little muffins!

7. Who knew he had a green thumb hiding? (he must have had an idea, his dad has a green thumb too)

8. Our porch is painted to look like bricks. It was covered in awful BROWN astro turf when we moved in and Joe ripped it off one day when it became tattered and torn. He painted most of it and I will take credit for a small portion. :o)

9. WHen he came home smelling of motor oil and very dirty I got a kick out of that. That was a new sensation for me. My Music Man smelling like a Mechanic!

10. Joe, surely you are not suggesting that teaching three women piano is difficult. Just wait til we are all experiencing the same time!

11. Ballroom Dancing was the highlight of my year so far!

12. Aww heck who cares if we had wine. It was good and we had a good time learning about it and choosing one we liked.

13. Yes God led us there then led the preacher away. I wanted to run away, but Joe kept his head about him and helped us decide to stay.

14. Hard work never killed just might give you heart problems aye Joe?

15. I love being a groupie watching you all have fun and I am in the audience singing as loudly as I possibly can, probably annoying all those around me but I don't care.

God is so good to us. I would have never believed that we could make it on my salary(ies) but we are, thanks to God's provision. Sometimes that provision comes in the form of monetary help from family, free food, free medication, and work opportunities for me. I am going to rejoice that Joe's heart is no worse. He is finding ways to compensate for his illness in creative ways, having time with the girls daily and giving me support I need to keep going to work every day. (and believe me, sometimes ...alot of times I don't want to go. ) Yes our life is blessed.

Seeker said...

It's good to hear about all the accomplishments and growth. Praise God He lets us keep learning and trying new things.
p.s. Pictures of the porch, please!

Anonymous said...

good post, one of your best, i always love hearing you sing praises to your awesome wife!!

Jory-san said...

9. Seems like I was once on my way to having a collection of old cars, starting with a Ford Flathead...

Jamie Dawn said...

Thanks for the update on your health, and for all the other things going on with you lately.
Today, it's piano lessons from dad... tomorrow, it's driving lessons from dad.
You and AJ have a lot of work ahead with your move, but I hope you are looking forward to your new humble abode.
Suddenly, I'm hungry for pizza.

EmmaSometimes said...

you forgot:

#16) Goofing off in the street and falling down.

AWWW, I can tell you and AJ are so good for each other!!!

Luke said...

spam muffins?