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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Dana Reeve

I am such a bad friend. Yesterday was Ted's birthday and completely forgot to mention it. So if you have time today could you stop by here and wish Ted a happy birthday and also tell him to start posting again. If he wants cash for posting tell him we'll work something out because we miss him.

I was born in 1960 and most of my early memories that would shape my worldview involved
assasinations and death. I have also felt the effects of the weekly "duck and cover" nuclear war
exercises in grade school. Call it pessimism or realism or whatever but I have always sensed
the danger of merely being alive.

Having said that there have been a few deaths that put me in a sort of depression and contemplation and asking "why?". Rich Mullins' death hurt me tremendously as did the death of Keith Green and maybe a han ful of other people.

Those that inspired me to rise above my opinion of myself and maybe get a glimpse of the "me" that God sees.
Somewhere in this mix I found a place for Dana Reeve. Everytime I heard her speak I felt there was a
genuineness about her. AJ and I would always comment about her grace and her beauty in the face of trials
in her life. I don't know anything about her spiritual life, all I could see was the character she presented to the
world as she persevered over tribulation. I also don't necessarily agree with some of her opinions on stem cell research, but that will all take care of itself the way God lets it.
I just know that a tremendous lady who had the courage and strength to fight for her husband with dignity
and who also lived her life, even the last few seconds of it, with humor and humility is gone from this world
and I miss her.


Saur♥Kraut said...

She was such a beautiful, strong, loyal, classy lady. I don't think I admire ANYone in Hollyweird, but I admired HER.

Aunt Jo said...

I imagine Christopher Reeves is a happy man in Heaven today.

Seeker said...

"a tremendous lady who had the courage and strength to fight for her husband with dignity"

I'd like to add "poise" and "grace" to that list.

Let's pray for their son.

Anonymous said...

did i miss something? did she die? i am really out of it. i simply don't keep up on stuff. now i feel stupid.

and why does your post got spaces between all of the lines?

Anonymous said...

i just googled it. i'm so sad for their boy. sometimes i wonder why God allows certain things to happen.

Jamie Dawn said...

I was so sad about her death. Only 44, and wasn't even a smoker. Also, I feel so sorry for their young son.
I was also sad when Don Knotts died. It just made me feel somber.
The deaths of Rich Mullin & Keith Green really rocked the Christian music world. I remember well.

Anonymous said...

okay, now i'm going to go stick my head in a hole. don knotts died? DANG IT. the Ghost and Mr Chicken. I have to go watch that again. We have a lot in common. I too studied Karate by mail

Anonymous said...

i'm back again, commenting for AJ, since i am not authorized to view her blog, or jamie dawns. what is going on with blogger? i think we all better back up our blogs on a disc, in case this site crashes. i've got most of it printed out, but that takes about one cartridge per month.

Ted said...

I liked her and I really don't like anybody

uncle joe said...

Ted, I think she would have liked you too.

I can't get anything to work tonight. both emails are down. blogger is screwed up again..

Aunt Jo said...

y'all just aren't holding your tongue right or something...or maybe emma jinxed it.