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Monday, February 13, 2006

What? Me Gloat?????

gloat [ glōt ] (past and past participle gloat·ed, present participle gloat·ing, 3rd person present singular gloats)
intransitive verb
be smugly happy: to feel or express smug self-satisfaction about something such as an achievement, a possession, or somebody else's misfortune
[Late 16th century. Origin ?]

But I wouldn't do that now would I? I would never be so intransitive just because I won the SPAM bet.

Nope, not me. AJ deserves better than that from me.

But I do find these words applicable: revel, wallow, exult, rejoice, smirk, delight.

Those are all appropriate responses. Aren't they?


Saur♥Kraut said...

If you can hide spam in muffins, I'd like to see what you can do with doggy poo...

Anonymous said...

saur, your first. and you forgot to "gloat"

Anne said...

How did you do it?

Anne said...

Never mind. I read Aunti J's blog - you trickster!

I asked on her blog and I'll post it here as well - how can I disguise potato salad?

Aunt Jo said...

How about these words UJ?


Saur, i think spam is doggy poo! GAROSS!!

Ted said...

Poo muffins are not legal in OK Spam muffins are a misdemeanor

Jamie Dawn said...

Go ahead and gloat! She admits that she liked those muffins. I'd say she's a graceful loser.

Seeker said...

Just remember: you ARE what you eat.

Aunt Jo said...

Seeker!! (in a whiney voice) I am not spam!!

Saur♥Kraut said...

Happy V and Lupercalia Day, Joe!

And as Susie pointed out, I need to gloat... gloat... gloat....

They sound very GOOD for you. Ew.

PrayerfulMom said...

For some reason Beer Biscuits and Tim Landers come to mind when I am hearing about this mess you've portrayed upon poor AJ. Yes, I was listening on occasion ;o) LOL

Love Ya, MEAN it !

Anonymous said...

The green lantern is here to get that bad stuff (Spam) away from that bad batman

Big Kahuna

Anonymous said...

dang, update this thing. i'm bored. got any spam cough drops?

Anonymous said...

All I could think was they may be applicable, but they are not alphabetical!!