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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Three thumbs up! I like Alien movies!

No riveting post but I do have a riveting Question.

Once again you may thank Jamie Dawn's Mindless Blathering for this idea.

The Question (s) of the day is: What makes for a good movie? What do you like and why? What do you hate and why? Lay it on the line, let it out. Tell us stuff that only your hairdresser knows for sure. Any movie, any era, any raison, no X-rated stuff, but you already know that as you are tres intelligent bloggers. You/we can choose different categories, you make up the rules and we'll play along.

ps. Please be specific with your movie titles cause I might want/or not go rent them. Thankyouverymuch.


Anonymous said...

i love a good comedy. but it has to move quickly, and have a plot at the base. slapstick makes it even better. I tell you, the new release Dick and Jane, really cracked me up. It is my favorite comedy in along time. my second favorite is a good psychological thriller, with a twist at the end, that no one could guess.

i'll say more later, i just wanted to be the first to comment for once. i'm selfish. so i'm off to the store to rent some movies, and then i'm going to have more to say, yipeeee

Seeker said...

I'm not much of a movie person. Don't watch much TV, either. I do like a good drama, but nothing too intense.
I liked Driving Miss Daisy, and Shawshank Redemption, and Steel Magnolias was pretty good, too. I like a good story, I guess; something that actually makes sense and follows a train of thought. I stay away from theaters, and wait for something good to come out on DVD. I also usually like to watch movies alone, so no one else can comment or interrupt. Weird?

Saur♥Kraut said...

action movie or comedy: no yucky romance crap and no sad endings. Basically, my taste is as primitive as a man's.

Jenn said...

No slapstick humor! It seems like most of today's comedies are nothing but people tripping over things, getting whacked in the head, and slipping over banana peels! When this is the best they can pick out of a movie for the previews I know already they can count me out!

Bryan said...

Action, suspense, drama, and martial arts scenes. Films that have those elements are my favorites. But I like other types as well.

I'd like to catch "Munich" this weekend. It looks like my kind of film.

We rented "Skeleton Key" recently. Bizarre. But good.

I'll be more specific later. Right now it's late and I've got to get to bed.

Aunt Jo said...

My fave movie of all time is WOO
and most all the Audrey Hepburn movies. They may/or may not give a good glimpse of a simpler time. I love to see the dress of the times and how the characters interact with one another. Did men really wear suits all the time as in Roman Holiday?

I also like English movies with lots of friends involved, like Nottinghill, Love Actually, and Three Weddings and a Funeral. (Sappy I know but you asked for my opinion)

I love fantasy like LOTR. Very manly characters......

I love comic book movies too...Batman, Spiderman, Fantastic Four and X-Men

I like almost any type of movie save political thrillers usually. We went to see a political mystery movie recently and I really had to strain my brain to keep up with the story line. (Like I said before I am a ditz and I know it.) I was one of those annoying people talking during the movie, "Who's that guy with? I thought he was dead! Oh. He is with the other guy?" (remember the episode of Seinfeld?)

The best kind of movie in my opinion is one you can snuggle up on the couch and watch with your honey.

That's all I have to say about that. ~Forest Gump

Aunt Jo said...

I can post a comment as long as I want. Who cares what I think anyway.

Anne said...

I recently watched "Closer" - OOOOOooooo - it was horrid! I don't even know what I was thinking when I rented this thing. I was just looking at the box I guess. Even worse is that I watched it without the t.v. guardian on. I can't get it out of my head. I was so surprised to see Julia Roberts in this horrid movie.

I like films such as "The Sound of Music", "My Fair Lady", etc. - classics. I like old black and white films no matter what (except slap-slick).

I DO was to go see Dick and Jane for some reason.

I'm a big fan of love stories such as "Somewhere In Time", "Love Story".

I really like a good comedy - it's pretty hard to make me laugh out loud.

Susie - maybe you should be a movie writer - I usually laugh out loud at YOUR comedy.

Ted said...

I collect Charlie Chaplin movies. The only bad thing is your eyes dry out watching them.

Anonymous said...

anne, you MUST go see dick and jane. you'll wet your pants. and i agree about that "closer" movie. i was horrified at natalie portman! i confess i did not finish watching it was SOFT PORN. and turns out that jude law guy is a dog in real life. so that makes sense, but natalie will forever be ruined in my eyes. her sweet little self, tarnished, and tainted.

Wedding Crashers made me wet my pants. but it's crude. so i felt guilty watching it, twice. Meet the Fockers also made me wet my pants, and i felt guilty watching that one 3 times. so there you have it.

uncle joe said...

I think I just wet my pants!
Where did AJ hide my depends?
Anne you have good taste in movies, I rather thought you would.
We need to go see Dick and Jane, Josie.
Munich looks like a movie I would be interested in. Shawshank Redemption is a classic in my eyes.
Ted, that's what beer is for. Splash a little in your eyes and then splash some my way. Ha!

Aunt Jo said...

Joe you just call the sitter and I am there. I will even smuggle in some low salt popcorn and hot tamales for you! :o)

Don't put beer in your eyes Ted.

Ted said...

I just returned from the emergency room and they confirmed you should not put beer in your eyes.

Aunt Jo said...

Look to the Aunt you slackard!!

OK Slick said...

A good story well told.

Anonymous said...

ted, did the ER confirm never to listen to uncle joe?

i wish you could see me now, sandwiched between a boy with a math book and a dog with a long wet nose. its a dang wonder i can type.

Jamie Dawn said...

I recently made a list of some of my favorite movies. I was going to maybe post my list and ask for others to give me some of their favorites. I see you read my mind!

Here are some of my favs:

Sense & Sensibility
Lost in Yonkers
Steel Magnolias
A Beautiful Mind
Somewhere in Time

I enjoy many types of movies.
I have many favorities! Too many to list them all.

Jamie Dawn said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that I really like the Alien movies too. I like scary movies a lot! I have watched The Thing (with Kurt Russel) probably ten times in my life. That's a great scary movie!
I'm not into movies where they hack people up and stuff. I remember seeing the movie, Seven (with Morgan Freeman & Brad Pitt). That is a dark, dark movie and it is well done. Not one for the kiddos. I had the willies for DAYS after seeing that one!

Aunt Jo said...

One of the "common denominators" we discovered when we met was the movie Somewhere in Time. Wasn't that just the most romantic movie?

Uncle Joe wants to know if you like Volcano movies. :)

PrayerfulMom said...

To think I wasn't even the first one to share the movie SOMEWHERE IN TIME! HA! HHAHA! HAHAHA!

Anne said...

Susie - so her name is Natalie Portman. I was so disturbed by her as well in that movie. I told my husband she was on Sesame Street - she's not suppose to be in these kinds of movies. Hubby went to bed and didn't finish watching it. I wish I hadn't either.

By the way, I'm surprised you didn't list any Will Ferrell movies.

Oh, I like "Fargo". It was wierd. I also like "O Brother Where Art Thou" - the language is a little much. Thankful for t.v. guardian but it's too bad it doesn't take out visual foulness.

By the way, a girl in our home school group mentioned a web site called where you can get movies where the language and such has been removed.

Anonymous said...

Anne, Joe forgot to remind me to post recipes again. I will post some on my site. Sorry


Anonymous said...

anne, the movies i put down don't even scratch the surface. i could list enough movies for 10 people put together, i would never remember them all, but i'm sure theres a few will ferrell ones out there i liked. kicking and sreaming was NOT one of them. anchor man cracked me up, bad language though, potty humor. but he is so darn funny.

anything ben stiller also. duplex, envy, fockers, zoolander, etc, etc,

Ted said...

I also like M. Knight Shamilon movies

uncle joe said...

Ted, you are new officiall on the prayer list!
I like the M.Knight Rider movies.

Jamie Dawn said...

Somewhere in Time is so romantic and so beautiful. The main characters look so gorgeous and the setting is like a dream.

Ted's comment reminded me of the movie The Village. That was a pretty cool flick.

Anne said...

I just remembered a movie I really, really liked - "Forgotten". I cried so much when I watched that. It is soooo good.

PrayerfulMom said...

Prelude to a Kiss
This was a good movie, Starred Alec Baldwin,Meg Ryan.

Was a bit wierd but hey most of them are lol
Ok that's my 2cents worth.

Jamie Dawn said...

Joe, that better be one heck of a post you're working on, cause I keep coming by here expecting some shock and awe. No pressure, though.

Anonymous said...

I'm with JD, and when you finally DO post something I'm pretty sure the host of heavens will DANCE

PrayerfulMom said...

I must be behind on all of this...

I do know that UJ has a mind that will bend your psyche in ways you’ll never figure out, so what out taunting him to produce LOL !

It's Friday, shake shake shake, shake your bootie ! Get Down Ya'll

Anonymous said...

prayerful mom is cracking me up with her pictures that keep changing, just where are you finding these funny things mom?

Ted said...

I want to see it too

PrayerfulMom said...

Right click on the picture and go to properties. That will give you the link to where I got the pictures I have used, there are tons out there of the animated graphics.
I've been doing online things like this for YEARS...
Have a nice day :o)!