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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Little Bubba in the Big City......

My little Bubba has joined us in the Blogosphere. You can check in on him here. He's got some cool pictures of some Batman type stuff that we can't get here so I will soon be joining him in Japan. Also some pics of their first few days out in the city. If you have time please stop by his place and encourage him to get out and chase down his dream whatever that may be.

In other news, I am staying home from church today and drinking lots of coffee. What a way to backslide!

Seriously I/we are in the midst of some much needed pre-Spring Spring cleaning and other changes that should improve our overall outlook and juxtaposition in life. I've never used that word in a sentence before and don't really care if it's out of context.


Anonymous said...

i'm first. yeah. but you are naughty for not going to church. oh wait. i'm not there either. guess i'm a backslider to. better backslide right into the kitchen for some coffee

Seeker said...

Ok you guys. Relax. One Sunday does not a backslider make. (Has anybody called to say how much they missed you?)

Jenn said...

We are having pre-spring here in Buffalo, but winter will return soon. Have fun cleaning.

uncle joe said...

We received one call from one worried congregationer. the rest just don't love us.....

Aunt Jo said...

I am tired and Joe is wearing me out! Clean Clean Clean.

THis is all Susie's fault for all her picture challenges. We don't want to have to post pictures of our messy spaces.

Saur♥Kraut said...

I just dropped him a note. Ah well, coffee... you could be doing SO much worse!

Ted said...

We at the First Coffee Church are outraged at your comment about backsliding and coffee drinking. If you do not retract your statement we will be boycotting your blog and possibly exposing the truth about the real first refrigerator here at first Coffee. Anything that happens happens first at first coffee.

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