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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Time is moving soooo slow........

Still don't have any brain cell's working in the area of posting today. We're getting ready for a SS party and if I stay awake till midnight it will be the second New Year I have actually seen in the last 10 or so years. Just that I used to have to work so early in the morning. The kids are driving us crazy wanting me to magically make time move faster so the party can start. Time has moved faster, the year is over and I have very few memories of it already. The memories are mostly in photographs taken at family gatherings and in my blog record. So let the record show that in the last quarter of 2005 I blogged a thousand miles and pedalled a thousand miles in my Batman suit saving the world from villains. I hope to get a real Batmobile in 2006 so I can put the fires out faster. Batman out.


Jamie Dawn said...

Go easy on the champagne there, Joe. It's making you have delusions of grandeur.
Have a fun time ringing in the new year.
We are going to set off some fireworks. My hubby is doing better today. His surgery was laparoscopic, and so his recovery will be easier than yours was. He still doesn't feel like sneezing though.. not yet.
May 2006 be a year of joy, success and blessing for your family!!!!!

Seeker said...

Thank you, Batman. Chicago is a much safer place tonight, and we can all get some rest.

Anonymous said...

well, you just have your self a batiful new years. i'm still waiting for my superhero assignment.

uncle joe said...

Too much sparkling punch and cheese dip, The Batman is feeling puffy. Can't seem to get out of my tights.
Good-nite all, hope you make it to the church of your choice tomorrow/today.

Jenn said...

Hello again Uncle Joe! I am glad you've seen my cards around! I actually have never seen them anywhere, so it's good to know someone out there is buying them.

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