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Friday, December 23, 2005

Stuck in the middle with you

Watching my kids has evidently cause a major case of brain drain and if you haven't figured out by now I'm not exactly running high in that area anyway. I do have a game for you if you'd like to play that is called:

Guess my middle name.

My middle name is the same as my dad's first name and it is a most unusual name that starts with the letter U.

That's right. The letter U. Big U. Little u. Anyway you spell it, it is still the letter U.

The first person to accurately guess my middle name who also trusts me to send me their address by e-mail will receive a prize, by mail or UPS or FED-EX or that new yellow company.

The game will officially start at midnight CST tonight and I wish all of you well.

(Auntie J, Prayerfulmom, Ted, your gift is the gift of knowing me!) ha ha ha .. cough..Hack...Gurgle?


(hints will be sold at the corner of 15th and delaware st. tulsa ok. 74424 br-549)


PrayerfulMom said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Can I answer????? HUH???? Please...please.???? ya know I know this one...
Ok I'll play nice :o(
But hey it's a new entry and I wanted to chime in..Hahah
Oh also I see you DID survive your evening with the WHOLE family.
From our house to yours G'nite, and God Bless.

Jamie Dawn said...

It is so nice for the other vowels to sponsor the game. I guess "y" wasn't into it because it really isn't a bonafide vowel.

I will venture three guesses:

Udell, Ulmer, Ugo

I was tempted to guess Ugly, but that would have been very mean, and I am not a mean person.

Merry Christmas!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

jamie dawn, shame upon you. and too, you are disqualified because you did not wait until midnight. only I would be retarded enough to be up at that hour.

here are my guesses. of course one of them is right.

udderly wonderful
u r sew we tar dead

Aunt Jo said...

Hmmph. I thought "Stuck in the middle with you" was going to be a sweet post about us.

I don't want to play your stupid game any way Joe Uranus!!

uncle joe said...

Prayerful M, chime if you must!
Jamie D, thank you for not giving in to temptation while in the desert.
Susie, udderly wonderful is a vivid description of me but not even in the ballpark. I can only wish that it were umberto.

Aunt J, speaking of uranus.....

Anonymous said...

you guys are naughty and santa only brings gifts to those who are nice. so get your minds outa the gutterrrrrrrr!!!!!

Anonymous said...

and hey, don't let PM guess yet, I'M NOT DONE

PrayerfulMom said...

OH my how far out these answers are...
I might have a clue to share,
should I ?
Shouldn't I ?

Nah...that'll spoil all the fun HAHAHA!

Aunt Jo said...
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Aunt Jo said...

Susie, it will wake you up in the middle of the night when you think of it. It might take you days girl, so put the coffee pot on! :o)

Aunt Jo said...

PM if you tell then the Tooth Fairy will stop coming to your house.
On the 28th I'll start giving out clues and we'll beat this horse to death.

uncle joe said...

Once again, that was me. not AJ.