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Friday, December 16, 2005

Obscurity, Tor F?, Name that tune and the 25 point Bonus Question.

1) I was born in a town made famous by a Merle Haggard tune. For 10 points name that tune.

2) In my youth I was often told that I looked like Donny Osmond and Robby Benson.

3) In my middle age nobody says that anymore. For 20 points tell me why.

4) I have always wanted a subscription to Captain America, so this year at age 45, The Cap arrives
monthly in my mailbox. True or False? 10 points.

5) I suffer/have suffered with bouts of depression. TorF? 10 points

6) I have worked as a jailer. True or False? 10 points

7) I have worked at a Tuxedo shop. Tor F? 10 points

8) I once stopped a shoplifter outside a grocery store who pulled a gun on me and threatened to,
and I quote, "Blow your head off." Did she succeed? 10 points.

9) I spent 3 years trying to learn to be a Court Reporter. I did not make it. T or F? 10 points

10) Aunt Josefina's real first name is Suzy. Tor F? 10 points

THE 25 POINT BONUS QUESTION: I once drove drunk all the way through downtown Tahlequah Ok. at 1:30
in the morning on the wrong side of the road after leaving a frat party and drove right past a policeman who did not see me. For 25 points tell me who is the newly famous singer who was attending this college at the time of her breakthrough to the "Big Time"?


auntjosefina said...

Woo-hoo I got them all right! Is it cheating since I live w/you Joe?

Anonymous said...

the reason you don't look like donny, or that other guy is because you are bald. the reason you are bald is because that robber blew your hair off. i'll guess on the rest. i am saying false on you being a jailer, working in a tux shop, and trying to be a court reporter. there is no way a man even attempts to be a court reporter. just aint happenin.

well, i know for sure about the depression, cause you spilled that one on my blog. so there.

and i know for sure on your wifes name. so i guess i'm winning some money? where is it?

uncle joe said...

Susie, go to sleep....sleep....
When you wake up you'll have no memory of your crappy school, or teachers, or missing all the answers..

PrayerfulMom said...

Ok, here's the answer list.
Uh, could it be the hair?
Cause ya still got the teeth...
Carrie Underwood.

Ok did I score! ? LOL Surely I KNOW some of this stuff...ya'd think

uncle joe said...

Susie, you get no money and 15,000 points. Prayflmom, since you know me you get diddly squat. Enjoy your diddly squat this Christmas.

Seeker said...

These questions are too hard.

p.s. Thanks for visiting my site. I check in here 'most every day; enjoy yours posts; don't always comment...

Anonymous said...

how did i get 15,000 points if i missed all the answers? you a nut, now i understand why your wife is on a starvation diet. hahahahaha

so what did i get right?
i know i got your wifes name, your depression, and your bald. cause you said those things.
is that all i got right?

i need to revisit this. perhaps i was too hasty

uncle joe said...

Susie you got bald right,deprshun right,Suzy is actually a form of her middle name. Her first name is a character on Scooby Doo (This ought to be fun) The others are actually true. The average of men to women is def.on the ladies side. There were five guys at this court from '87 to '90 and hundreds of girls. The odds were in my favor you see.

SEEKER I enjoy your site and hope that in the new year you will post more stuff.

Jamie Dawn said...

They are all true, and that thief did blow your head off. This post was written by your ghost which is haunting cyberspace.

That singer at that college was what's her name.

uncle joe said...

The thief is the reason I have this huge eternal part in my hair.
My wife says I am indeed haunting cyberspace and the singer is/was the last American Idol winner, Carrie Underwood. What is the town/tune made famous by Merle Haggard?

Anonymous said...

daphne, velma,
did you do court reporting to meet ladies?
my sister did the same thing you did. she got stuck just under the required number of words per minute, and could not get above it, she had to quit, and lost 10,000 dollars on that little trip. how much did you loose? i just can't believe you did that, it would drive me buggers. sitting there, taking down everyones lies. not to say everyone lies.

are you going to post about getting shot? we all want to know,. i'm sure we all do. i'm sure i speak for everyone.

okay, what is the town. i don't know that old music.
i'm an 80's girl.

uncle joe said...

Shaggy is the correct answer.I did court reporting because the idea of breaking in at $60,000 a year in 1990 sounded good. I always had good dexterity in my hands but may have waited too late to attempt this as your fingers lose their dexterity the older you get. I also got stuck just under the needed speed,but also ran out of money and had to go get a real job. Over a 3 year period I prob. spent the same as your sister. I did not get shot, sorry. The police said that if she had pulled the trigger the gun would have backfired and blown her head off. One more hint on the song...............
I'm proud to be an Okie from ?
We don't smoke marijuana in ?

CMT just named it the Greatest "City" song of all time. Yehawwwww!

Seeker said...

OOOOOH I know that one!!!!!!

Let's see... Muskrat?... Muskelunge?.... Musk Ox?


uncle joe said...

Seeker, Ha!, you are funny! You know the answer is Muckgoskee!

Rachel said...

Got here too late, but I knew the first one right off. I remember Merle singing that one from way back!

I'm proud to be an Okie from
A place where even squares can have a ball.
We still wave Old Glory down at the courthouse,
And white lightnin's still the biggest thrill of all.

We still wave Old Glory down at the courthouse,
In Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA.

uncle joe said...

Rachel, you get 25 million points!
Thanks for playing!