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Friday, December 30, 2005

Lather, Rinse, Repent....for a better 2006

Things I want to do in 2006:

Learn how to talk to a Liberal.
Pay attention in Sunday School.
Blog More.
Repent daily.
More blogging.
Appreciate my wife more.
Be quick to listen, slow to speak.
Learn how to play the cello.
Make one new real life friend.
Continue my quest for culinary greatness.
Practice the guitar/piano more.
Dance with All my girls.
Be a better neighbor.
Eat less salt/live longer.
Play jazz guitar in a local restaurant.
Drink more coffee.
Exercise/walk more.
Be nice to Roy.
Fight crime in my Batman suit.
Blog more.
Chew slower.
Listen to my kids.
Call Ted twice a day.
Try to understand my in-laws.


Aunt Jo said...

Looks like a good list to me...especially the appreciation part. Will that involve jewelry of any kind? Cash prizes? Trips? Oh love and affection?! Sounds good to me. Count me in! :o)

PS all appreciation will be reciprocated in spades, so look out Joe!

Aunt Jo said...

Please don't try and understand your in-laws. I have been at it for 36 years and I don't!

Saur♥Kraut said...

Lather, rinse, repent. Very nice! It could go on the bottle of Mother Theresa Shampoo!

Anonymous said...

Learn how to talk to a Liberal. just nod, and say righhtttt.
Pay attention in Sunday School, prop your head up with your bible
Blog More. yesssssssss
Repent daily. why?, what have you done?
More blogging. yessssssss
Appreciate my wife more. learn her love languages
Be quick to listen, slow to speak. leave out the speaking part altogether
Learn how to play the cello: how romantic
Make one new real life friend: good luck with that.
Continue my quest for culinary greatness: in cooking or eathing?.
Practice the guitar/piano more: record it for us
Dance with All my girls: oh lord, do you HAVE to?
Be a better neighbor: stop stealing their papers
Eat less salt/live longer: thats a toughy
Drink more coffee: contradicts salt theory
Exercise/walk more: just have a good bowel movement ever day, that'll do it
Be nice to Roy: is roy an ass?
Fight crime in my Batman suit: i don't even want to picture you in that suit, i can't gouge out my minds eye
Blog more: yessssssssss
Chew slower: just chew less food in general
Listen to my kids: put in ear plugs first, then nod, and agree with everything
Call Ted twice a day: why? is he lonely? are you feeling bad for him because of his, you know. things?
Try to understand my in-laws: give that one up right now.
Lather,Rinse,Repent: thank god. finally you are going to bathe.

that's all my feedback for the day, hope it helps. i'm sure it will, i'm a very helpful person.

k8 said...

can i steal that title?

Anonymous said...

i'm sort of getting offended that uncle joe hasn't responded to my lovely comment. in fact, the tears are starting to flow right now. uncle joe? are you there? i'm feeling insecure......i'm reaching for the bottle of me.........oh, i feeeeeel soooo coldddd

uncle joe said...

Susie, I was busy protecting your honor over at okslick's place. You're pretty hard to keep up with. But that's what I'm here for. Watchin' your back, while Gene watches mine.
I have decided to learn how to talk to a liberal while in sunday school while learning French (one of her love languages I think), repenting for the fact that I haven't blogged that day.

PrayerfulMom said...

I think I just need some conditioning. What ya think LOL!

Bryan said...

The dialogue here is great! You guys are killin' me.

Seeker said...

We could really use your Batman skills here in Chicago.... whaddya say?

Seeker said...

Thanks for visiting my other blog. I hope to do more with it in the coming year. I guess you could call it a resolution... or at least a hope.

uncle joe said...

Attention all bloggers! The BatSignal has just been seen over Chicago. Somewhere around Seeker's place. I don't have a Batmobile but I do have a Batbicycle so it will take me a week or so to actually respond to the BatSignal and I may be staying once I get there. If you don't hear from me for awhile please think of me when you can.
signed Batman

uncle joe said...

Do you like my new picture?

Anonymous said...

that would be NO. we, and i think i speak for all of us, liked the cute little bald guy with the strabismus. what are you doing? put him back, now!

uncle joe said...

Speaking for all of us,

G-nite Susie

Anonymous said...

oh no ya don't. i'm up, we all have to be up. whats yer dang phone number.

Seeker said...

That BatSignal was so bright it kept me up half the night. Mayor Daley wants to know your ETA because he got a lot of calls about it. Please pedal a little faster.

uncle joe said...

Let's check in on how The Caped Crusader is doing.

(there's a 7-11 and I'm really thirsty...... but no time for that,Chicago needs me) pedalling, pedalling,pedalling........(dang,my cape is caught in the training wheels!)

McSwain said...

What a great list! Especially "Dance with all my girls" and "Fight crime in my Batman suit." Have a happy and healthy New Year!

Jamie Dawn said...

You have a good list there, and I think the girls in your life will know they are loved by your actions in 2006.

Have a Happy New Year's weekend!!

Replicant said...

i've known you my whole life and you know how to talk to me right? and the deep down truth of the matter is i'm not really a liberal but pretty much a socialist...

we're all just people...don't let useless politics and political labels get in the's what the political parties want so we'll keep them employed.

heavy stuff.