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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Five W's

Why is word verication getting harder to pass? Susies just asked me to juggle three bowling balls, while hopping on one leg, saying the alphabet backwards. Methinks she doesn't want me around anymore.

Who started the phrase "My Bad?" Let's let that one go and go with "My Mediocre."

What am I listening to now? " Big Tent Revival /"Open All Nite", "Donald Fagen/Nightfly", and "Annie Moses Band/Eden"

When will I apologize for being a Christian? Never. I have no love for this world. Christianity is not for sissies, following Christ is the hardest thing you will ever do and I know that there is a real possibility I may lose my head for that some day.

Where have all the real preachers gone? Enough of this TV crap. Tell it to me and tell it to me straight. Step on my toes. I need to grow. Wake me up from this spiritual nap and expect something from me. I need to grow.


uncle joe said...

I don't expect anybody to have any comments here, this is just my random ranting, and yes, I know that if I want to grow I should get into the Word more.

Anonymous said...
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PrayerfulMom said...

Hey ya ! I couldn't agree with ya MORE! Discipline...what does that mean anymore, are the days of being disciplined in life gone? I for one have no discipline and I know it, am ashamed to admit, but it's the truth, we are no longer taught how to be a disciplined Christian...we are taught that if it fits in our lives and it makes our lives easy and fluffy to an extent then well done.
Where's the rights and wrongs of the world, are there no more of them left, are things just on the fence?
I remember in the Bible God tells us that if we are luke warm He will spew us from His Mouth...we are to stand for what we KNOW is the truth and what is right, stand strong in it.
OK I'm shutting my mouth, have already gone way over board...

Jamie Dawn said...

Word Verification is like a gauntlet. Why do they make it so hard?

Don't get me started on TV preachers. My grandpa, rest his soul, would get so mad at TV preachers, he would spit on the screen then have to put a pill under his tongue. I never understood why he kept watching them.

Aunt Jo said...

So, read your Bible and quit blogging.

:0) ~AJ

Anne said...

Thanks for the post uncle joe! I am right there with ya! Go ahead, step on my toes! Cause me to work out my own salvation with fear and trembling (Philippians 2:12).

The following passage is what I first read that caused me to study and ultimately become a Christian. Whenever I feel myself sliding away, I pull back to the “narrow gate”:

Matthew 7:13-14 "Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.” NKJV

Seeker said...

" you have received Christ Jesus the Lord, SO WALK in Him..."
"walk in a manner worthy of the Lord"
"The things you have learned and received and heard and seen in me, PRACTICE these things."
"PRESS ON toward the goal"
"let us keep living by that same standard to which we have attained"
"BE CAREFUL how you walk... making the most of your time"
"be imitators of God"
"walk in love"
"do not give the devil an opportunity"
"walk in a manner worthy of the calling with which you have been called"

-From Uncle Paul's letters to the Ephesian, Philippians, and Colossians.

p.s. I'm one of those pastors' wives.... and I have nothing to offer but what the Lord has given me.

Rachel said...

I don't watch TV preachers. I think that lots of preachers have given in to the modern traditions too much. You hardly ever heard them mention hell anymore at all.
Right now we have a wonderful preacher at our church who tells it like it is and he, his wife, and children are all truly great.
They talk the talk and they walk the walk. They are such a blessing to our church.

Good post! I agree that they need to tell it like it is and get people's attention!

uncle joe said...

Wow, I really didn't expect any responses to this at all. I know you know that not all preachers/
pastors are failing us. There are even a few good tv preachers.Being a pastor is probably the most reward
-ing jobs on the planet. Probably also one of the most frustrating.
I've had to learn not to put them up on a pedestal and to accept their flaws, but they also have to accept (not necessarily understand) mine.
I view our Sunday worship time not only as a time for corporate worship, but I need to to be challenged and encouraged to fight this spiritual battle we are in with the world. Thank you for your input.

Aunt Jo said...

As Uncle Joe will testify the best example of a pastor and his family was Tim Landers family when we attended church in Fort Gibson at Freewill Baptist. They were an awesome family with four wonderful kids. They were a very important part of our lives. They were involved in our lives and we call them friends. They now live in Batesville Arkansas and we have even travelled there to see them twice. I miss them and the fellowship we had with them. When they left our church our lives were never the same.

Our current pastor and his wife are great, but not near as personally involved in OUR lives. They are just not in our circle of friends, but we know they love us and they love the Lord and are leading us by their examples.

I generally don't watch TV preachers but I do listen to Adrian Rogers, David Jeremiah, CHuck Colson, Randy Carlson, and others on the BOTT radio network. I think they are right on in their preaching and it convicts me right there in my car. I pray alot in my car. Sometimes it is the only quiet place I have!

I like having my toes stepped on too. It keeps me moving in the right direction. You never know where conviction will come from. A blog, a radio broadcast, a song, a sermon, or the innocent comment of a child. Thank you God for using all those things to let us know you love us and want us to be near you so you can fellowship with us.

Thanks for your post Joe.

Anonymous said...

for some odd reason, i've had bad experiences with pastors. i wish this were not true, and i know they aren't all like this. i think its because when i've been in crisis, and really needed them, it seems like they get scared to deal with it. so i get very hurt about it, and i have to move on. i just wish that people would SLOW DOWN and do what God wants us to do, which is to care for each other. not just care ABOUT each other but care FOR each other. theres a big difference from just saying, "i'll pray for you" or actually reaching out, and doing for someone that is down. I have been convicted on that so many times. It's just that right now, i'm down, and on a pity party, so i'm ranting. Christmas is very hard for me, i have no family over here, and my son spends every other at his dads. When i need people the most, is the busiest time of the year, and they don't have time to worry about me, so i need to find ways to fend for myself, and get through the best i can. i try not to think about it, and just find things to distract myself, and hope for the best. AMEN

Anonymous said...

why do i keep saying amen? i wish i would not be so retarded, but its just something i have to accept

Seeker said...

The pastor's-sife-in-me is taking notes. Thank you for the insights.

uncle joe said...

There are, unfortunately, family members of mine that form their Christian worldview from the tv preachers. it has caused me a great deal of agony and I just don't understand why they WILL not walk into a local church.
Their opinions are also formed from something that hurt their feelings years ago and still haven't gotten over it.
I heard a message from Pastor Jim Cymbala of the Brooklyn Tabernacle in which he said,"If you don't want to be/worship with God's people here on earth why would God want you in heaven?"
A sobering thought.

McSwain said...

My ex-hubby was a successful recording engineer, and whenever we went to an "industry" party at someone's home, "Nightfly" was always the background music. They said it was the one cd/album everyone agreed was really good.

I've got a good preacher here in SoCal! But not on television--I can't watch that stuff.

Anonymous said...

i deleted my post, i'm sorry about that, i sounded bitter, and it was unnessary, and inappropriate. please forgive me.

uncle joe said...

I don't think you did or said anything wrong. Hopefully these blogs are places where we can rant and rave and be bitter. Your experience is as important as anybody elses and hopefully we can help each other and learn from each other. That's all the sappy stuff you're gettin' from me today! so......

Bring it on sister!
ps. Auntie J and I want ya'll to come to our house for Christmas.

Jamie Dawn said...

I just read the comments here to see what others had to say.
You thought your thoughts about TV preachers would go nowhere, as far as a response goes, but you really got people stirred up about it.
Good discussion.

Anonymous said...

has any one ever listened to Joyce Meyers sermons? She is one awesome lady. I have several of her books, and I admire her greatly.

Uncle J, send me a ticket, i'll pack. I've never been over there.