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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Tuesday night Bible study

We had Tuesday night Bible study instead of the normal wed. night. After listening to a wonderful Thanksgiving testimony time I was coming home intent on erasing my previous poor pitiful me post, but someone had left a comment so I have decided to leave it on. I will leave it on only to say this. I am blessed beyond belief. Here is a recap of our testimony service:

Be thankful. Be grateful. Don't be afraid of the dark. Love your life no matter what.

Love your home no matter where. Be thankful for: perseverance, healing, strength,
breath, for Church fellowship. Be thankful for: Salvation, Grace, Freedom. Be thankful
for the years ahead and for Joy, discipline and mercy. Thank God for your provision and
always find contentment in your circumstances. Amen.


Seeker said...

Contentment is KEY. If we're unhappy with what God allows in our life, we don't really believe/trust/love Him the way we say we do. I've been learning that lesson, through the years. Thanks for a great reminder.

FTS said...

I love the samll groups study. It's a mainstay of our church.

Thanks for visiting! :)