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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Church Face..

Hey Holy Man. I was a sinner when I walked in this place and I'll be a sinner when I walk out. I'm having a problem with HYPOCRITES. Not that I hate them. I love them. If you don't agree with me on this, so be it. Church me. I can take it. What's my problem then.? This is a paradox that I don't fully understand. I love the hypocrites that don't hide their hypocrisy. That don't hide their weakness. What do you call a hypocrite that doesn't know that he's a hypocrite? I don't know. Double trouble? Hypocrite to the second power? You think we're in Heaven already or that you're the Holy Spirit. I can't wear my church face anymore. Maybe I wore it out. Some church faces are harder to get/see through than others , but there seems to be a sort of brokeness about the folks who have worn out their church face. A humility that says, my power hasn't gotten me anywhere, please work through me now Jesus. This is who I am. You love my faults and my personality, please work through this mess and show me how to love like you do. And let me not be afraid to let others see me as I really am. I really am an alien, because I know that I don't belong here. But as long as I am here, we've got some stuff to do. You've got to love me in spite of me and I've got to love you in spite of you and we've got to show this world how to love hypocrites. In closing I must say that I love hypocrites, but I don't love hypocrites that don't know they are hypocrites so I guess that makes me a ......Hypocrite, and a sinner.


Aunt Jo said...

You sound like a man in need of a saviour. Thank goodness he likes people like us enough to come to earth to show us how to do it.

Letting your church face retire is hard and has been hard for me to deal with. I have had the church guy for so long now, I was used to him. He gave me strength and churched me when I needed to be churched.

Please don't let Satan make you believe that you aren't fufilling your mission to spread the good news, love others and love God. Please don't let him make you believe that if you fall down that you have failed. No you haven't you just fell. Why not learn something while you are down there and find someone else to help up too?

Ted said...

We sin because we are sinners. We are not sinners because we sin. Jesus' sacrifice covered sin past, present and future so it's paid for. Acting like you don't sin don't change the fact that you are a sinner. Only Grace can cover sin. I deserve hell. I can pay for my own sin with perfection if I choose to ignore the meaning of sin,falling short of the Glory of God.