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Sunday, October 23, 2005

. The Last Piece of Pie...The passing of a Saint : "Nan Crittenden"

Tomorrow we will bury and say goodbye to the earthly vessel of my wife's Grandmother, Nan Crittenden. She passed over just hours after undergoing surgery to have two cancerous masses removed from her body. Nan knew the probabilities and consequences of electing to have this surgery at 92 years of age. Nan was brave. Nan showed us how to be brave. Nan showed us a lot even when we didn't know we were paying attention. Nan knew that she was going to be with Jesus if her frail body couldn't hold up. We were selfish. We wanted Nan to stay with us and show us how to continue living a Godly life in this crazy world. But Nan wanted Jesus, and Jesus wanted Nan. Jesus wins again. Aren't you happy for all of us! Nan was diminutive in size, in voice, but powerful in spirit. She was the visible glue that held our families, inlaws outlaws and all together. But Nan is not really gone. Look at my wife and you will see the way Nan walked and her sweet spirit. Look at my two daughters and you will notice Nan's will, stubborn if need be, tender when tenderness calls, but mostly full of the joy of life. Ask Nan's children and grandchildren and the memories are probably more alive now than ever before. There is power in living a Godly life for 92 years, not telling us how to do it but showing us. All with a gentle smile on her face a slight laugh and always asking," Did you get a piece of dessert?" "I brought a pie today." She usually brought more than one pie and always said "Take some of this home with you". I wish I had taken more of Nan's pie home. If I had known two weeks ago at Sunday lunch that the last piece of pie was going to be the last piece........Oh and last but certainly not least....If you ever want to see Nan again, you have to know Jesus and Jesus has to know you......


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Saur♥Kraut said...

I miss my grandmothers very much, and think of them almost daily. Yet they passed away 6 and 11 years ago. They were a very large part of my life.

diane carbo said...

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